Dear colleagues,

Torun Carbon Symposium has been organized since 1997 by the Polish Carbon Society ( The eleventh edition (TCS 2024) falls one year after the celebration of the Copernican year (2023) and one year before the 40th anniversary of the discovery of fullerenes (1985). The theme of the conference – Copernican Revolution in Carbon Science – is a reference to these anniversaries. The concept of fullerenes was difficult for skeptics to accept because it required acceptance of the presence of complex carbon structures in nature. The fullerene hypothesis and experimental evidence of its existence changed the way of thinking about carbon, which in « the pre-Copernican paradigm » could only exist in two allotropic varieties – diamond and graphite. « The post-Copernican paradigm » in carbon science has resulted in the synthesis of new carbon materials with reduced dimensionality, including nanotubes and graphene, exhibiting a spectrum of impressive properties, so to speak, opening up the field of nanotechnology. The change in thinking has led to development of a wide spectrum of materials with reduced dimensionality that revolutionize science and technology.

The conference will discuss achievements and new challenges facing carbon materials in various allotropic forms, from 0-dimensional to 3-dimensional structures, as well as other synthetic carbon materials used in aerospace, automotive, construction, energy conversion and storage, electronics or optics. Issues related to modern applications of carbon materials in medicine or environmental protection will be discussed, as well as topics aimed at working towards reducing the negative impact of carbon-related industries on the natural environment.


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