2nd International Summer School

Carbon and related nanomaterials:
synthesis, characterization, properties and applications in energy

Objectives: This multidisciplinary course offers an introduction into the field of carbon nanomaterials and related systems of great actual interests (e.g. 2D, perovskites, among others). This is a topic of great scientific and technological relevance, especially in what concerns energy related applications.
This course is aimed at students interested in nanoscience and nanotechnology, studies in physics, chemistry or engineering. It offers a broad and comprehensive overview on the mentioned nanomaterials. In a step by step approach it will provide (i) the scientific base to understand the fascinating properties of these materials as well as of experimental and theoretical characterization techniques, (ii) insight into techniques of how to transfer these nanomaterials in the macroscopic scale, and (iii) understanding on their relevance for technological products and applications, with special focus on the field of energy. The topics of the classes include a very systematic description of the nanomaterials, the synthesis methods, their chemistry and functionalization possibilities, the most important characterization techniques, macroscopic assembly approaches and, last but not least, applications in the field of energy (photovoltaics) and sensing technologies.
The overall objective of the course refers to demonstrate the important contribution of carbon nanomaterials and related systems for scientific and technological progress. The participants also should become aware of the need for inter- and multidisciplinary efforts of scientists and technologists in different disciplines to exploit the full potential of these unique nanomaterials. In this way, it will be shown that these nanomaterials represent unique objects to obtain broad scientific and technological knowledge.

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